She & Me

Creative Web Strategy
Content Development


She & Me helps companies create successful online product strategies

Whether you're launching a new web property, reinvigorating a brand or growing your existing site, She & Me helps you reach your desired audience with the right content in the right context. She & Me brings passion and deep experience to every project in order to translate your challenges into winning solutions.

What We Do

We help clients create smart web properties that are effective, creative and efficiently executed. From understanding your brand and revenue goals to developing smart web programming that will connect you with your audience, we leverage our 20+ years of combined, comprehensive Internet experience to help you produce a compelling and successful online product. We offer six areas of service:

Site Strategy

Guidance based on site analytics, brand goals, target audience, and place within the competitive landscape.

Design & Navigation

Recommendations on look and feel and site organization based on brand identity and goals.

Content Partnerships

Distributing and aquiring content through relevant partners.

Content Development

Assistance in hiring and developing internal editorial teams or freelance staffing through our network of online producers (for short or long-term projects).

Advertising Strategy

Best practices for creating and packaging content that is appealing to sponsors; advice on creative ways to integrate sponsors into online editorial products.